Clay Bricks Factory

Factroy Details

Name: Clay Brick Factory

Location: El Matahra industrial ZONE –El Minya -EGYPT

Plant Owner: United

Partner: Piera Eco Ceramica,ALMAR productos ceramica

Products: colored and normal hollow burning types of clay bricks

Investment: €5 m

Construction Strated: 2013

Completion: 2014

Plant Capacity: 70000 tons / year

  • The plant using clay as raw material to produce hollow burning brick has a higher requirement to the feature of raw material.
  • Treatment of raw material and equipment are very important. So the process design focuses on the raw material treatment, semi-product molding and drying, burning.
  • The plant is equipped by crusher for material rough crushing, double-shaft mixer; fine roller, two stage vacuum extruder is used for molding under the pressure of more than 4 MPa. Big-cross-section tunnel drying room is used for the semi-product drying, tunnel kiln for burning.
  • Production process Tunnel kiln, and one-setting-firing process, automatic setting, the tunnel kiln has reasonable height-width ratio applies complete internal combustion process.
  • The plant produces colored and normal hollow burning types of clay bricks.
  • The quality meets European standard, and meets Egyptian National Standard Quality Index.