Clay Bricks Technical Data

Why we use clay bricks?

  • Color fast
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable
  • You bet

  • Beautiful
  • Resale
  • Insulation
  • Creative
  • Kiwi made
  • Strength
why clay bricks?

Clay Bricks Manufacture & process

the extrusion process for clay bricks

Extraction of Clay

the extraction process for clay bricks

As a first step, the assessment of the quality of raw material is done by experienced geologists. After that the excavated clay is laid in layers in a stockpile to achieve consistency of the mix and in order to ensure that the maximum amount of extracted mineral is beneficially used in manufacture.

Processing of Clay

the processing for clay bricks

Clay is collected from the stockpile and loaded into box feeders. Water, sand and other additives are added to the clay and mixed in accordance with the recipe for a particular product type. The clay mixture is then fed into the clay preparation plant where it is ground and homogenized.

Brick forming

clay bricks forming

Bricks are formed by the extrusion method. During this process the prepared clay mix is extruded through a die and then automatically cut into individual bricks. The front face of the bricks will often be textured at this stage and may be colored by the use of various sands and liquid and powder pigments.


clay bricks Drying

Extruded bricks stacked on a kiln car for both drying and firing. Heat energy for drying is waste heat transferred from the firing process. After the process of drying the bricks are grouped and set on kiln cars and transferred to the kiln. In a clamp kiln the dried bricks are stacked by hand into the body of the clamp kiln.


clay bricks Firing

After drying, the bricks are then fired for typically 48 hours in a kiln which is usually heated by natural gas and achieves a maximum temperature in the range 1000 to 1350°C. Through firing the clay achieves strength and durability by the mineralogical processes which take place forming “glass” from the clay minerals present. The nature of the firing process also gives the basic coloration to the products.

Packaging, Storage & Delivery

clay bricks Packaging, Storage & Delivery

After removal from kiln cars the bricks are inspected for quality and then packed and made ready for dispatch. The packaged bricks are then taken outside the plant by forklifts and placed for storage and delivery.